martedì 28 dicembre 2010

Caprese Cake

Obviously I couldn't miss the Pastry Encyclopedia and I have soon tried Alfonso Pepe's Caprese Cake (it's a famous cake with chocolate and almonds of Neapolitan origin)
The recipe is gluten-free.

20 cm baking pan
  • 125g dark chocolate (I use Worldfoods Dark Chocolate 70% from Ecuador)
  • 125g butter  (softened at room temperature)
  • 150g eggs (weighted shelled) about 3 eggs 
  • 125g white sugar
  • 185g toasted ground almonds
  • 1 orange untreated
  • 80g whites (about 3 little whites) 
  • 6g rhum
  • butter for the baking pan
  • decoration : icing sugar - milk chocolate
CAPRESE dressed to the nines

1. Chop the chocolate into pieces and melt it in a bowl suspended over simmering water, always mixing.

2.Whisk the soft butter to earn a cream and add the melted chocolate, mix with a wooden spoon.

3. Beat the eggs with half of sugar (before I put them in a bowl suspended on simmering water and used the whisk) Beat them with electric whisk for 10 minutes about to earn  a soft smoothy cream. Add the mixture of chocolate and butter, the toasted and then ground almonds, the grated orange rind.

4. Whip the egg whites until stiff with the remaining sugar and amalgamate to the mixture mixing very gently; then add the rhum. 

5. Line the bottom of the tin with baking parchment and butter the sides, pour the mixture into it and bake for about 35-40 minutes. .Take out of the oven and let cool on a wire rack for cakes.

6. Sprinkle the cake with icing sugar and decorate the middle of the cake with white chocolate flakes. I used the white chocolate to get a beautiful color effect. Was I wrong ?! Nooooooo, bon appetit!!!

Caprese cake
Serves: make 8 slices

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