mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

mousse cake with grape and prune jelly

Why mousse-cake? Because instead of the cheese (cheese-cake), I used yogurt, because my prefer much more, oh I count among them my dad who also has adored it. So successful experiment.

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

focaccia...for all uses


First, given the topic, what better time of this post to thank  Gianni of the Blog La mia Cucina, who sent me an award for having participated and won a section of his contest, it is very much appreciated, because, knowing my passion for baking bread, as he is a friend and a collegue of Open Kitchen, has had the attention of a gift ad hoc with a lot of congratulation. Thanks Gianni.

venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Lemon and coconut tarte

Lemon and coconut tarte

The idea came to me reading Alessandra,  I thought to try her tarte, she had read in turn in Marie Claire Kitchen. As I get this magazine I read it in the original one. I must admit that the little changes made by Alessandra were right to me; I find that this magazine has beautiful and very cool photos, but the recipes in it are disappointing, at least that's my experience. So starting from the method applied by Alessandra, I made my own small changes, concerning the pastry (the one by Montersino) and the use of Boubon Vanilla Liqueur.

mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Open Kitchen: The Magazine, when ideas take shapes...

Today no recipes! Today I dedicate this post to ideas and to people, who allow carrying them out.  
Thinking about it now, that it's all done and published almost scares: not even a month ago, when 33 foodbloggers have met on Facebook (this time I have to say thank mr. Zuckerberg!) have launched an idea "why not making a magazine on our own?" that in itself it's absurd, there are hundreds of magazines, but even more absurd is the answer of all: yes sure, let's do it! As if it was the most natural thing in the world, rather like the only thing that each of us had done every day of his life until then. And 
discussing about recipes, photos, articles only on this social network, without meeting the group in person, we gave us rules, divided tasks, shared concerns, but uncertainty never attacked us, none of us who has never even mentioned just to say "but what the hell are we doing?" We were driven by the same passion equal only to the grandeur of the project, impossible to stop; when I think about it I see now very clearly how all incessantly everyday we have proposed, cooked, photographed also worked at night as in a dance well-orchestrated and without intervals (a brain-storming no I don't like it, it sounds too much about business, better perhaps heart-storming even if it doesn't exist.) I'm sorry for the digression, but this was a rare opportunity to meet valid people throughout Italy, with so different histories, those who live in London those who live in Tokio for half of the year; each with a totally different background and this is definitely the huge enrichment, the added value of this magazine. Is it understandable enough that I'm very proud to have been part of this group? Thanks to all......

Read it here it's free...and after you can't be waiting to read the next issue!
P.s.: if you want to send your recipe and see it published here, at the end of the magazine there are ways to participate! Happy reading!

sabato 6 agosto 2011

spaghetti alla chitarra with truffle and garlic bread

The amazing experience of People of Fud I'm doing-I did-I will continue to do, I hope for a long time, has the enormous value inherent in itself to approach and discover flavours and fragrances, you didn't know or worse you hated for a lifetime. Yes, I must admit, I'm one of the 0.00001% of people who do (did) not eat truffles; if entering a restaurant I felt the smell, I had to choose a table away from whoever was eating them, or sometimes even go out. The mixture of scent of garlic, herbs, spices, mushrooms struck me directly by the throat without going through the nose, leaving me breathless. 

martedì 2 agosto 2011

fruit tart for a glutenfree birthday!

This pie has the doses of Sir Montersino (if I were Queen Elizabeth II, I would give him the title of pastry baronet) infact after having tried his pastry it's hard to go back. The only difference that I made is related to the flour, that I have substituted with almond-flour, pistachios and rice flour, because it was a glutenfree birthday!  The result is a pleasure beyond description, though I should not say, but the dried fruit gives the pastry an unparalleled quid; this demonstrate the fact, that even glutenfree food can be excellent, furthermore it's a good reason to explore an approach that otherwise, at least I, would have not dared.