domenica 3 aprile 2011

six layers cake!

With this cake I take part to  Nicole's layer cakes contest

For the birthday of a colleague I was asked to make a cake like I wanted, to indulge the fantasy; so I did and I also had great fun, inventing and mixing some recipes, the result is this multi-layer cake like those seen in Austria or in Germany in the Konditorei. Here's the method.

1. The day before prepare a classical sponge cake and a chocolate sponge cake , cut them into 3 discs to get 6 in all, that you alternate to create a pleasing color effect.

Torta a 6 Piani

2. Prepare a wet with 300 g of berries (even frozen) 300 g of water 1 cup rum and 3/4 tablespoons sugar, cook on low heat for about 30 minutes. 

3. Melt 200g of white chocolate with 100 g of cream in a double boiler, let cool well and store in the fridge.

4. Heat 300g cream by boiling, remove from heat and pour 450 g dark chocolate chips, mix until well melted and becomes a smooth cream, let cool and refrigerate.

5. Whip the cream ganache with the elctric whips and  in the white cream amalgamate 200g of chopped hazelnuts and almonds.

6. Cake Assembly: alternate the layers of sponge cake one white and one black, wet each layer with wild berries wet and stuff them alternating black ganache and wild berries. Finish covering all the cake with the black ganache.

Decorate the bottom of the cake with chopped hazelnuts and finish with the meringues all around the top like the birthday candles.


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