venerdì 6 maggio 2011

strawberries tiramisu with chocolate for a music contest!

This is a variation of  glasses of tiramisu with strawberries  , rivisited at the request of my children; I have to add ingredients and decorations according to their tastes, and must admit with great results.

For the cream tiramisu according to the recipe of Luca Montersino:
  • 75g egg yolks
  • 125g honey
  • 100g fresh whole milk
  • 250g di mascarpone
  • 250g cream
For the syrup with strawberries:
  • 300 g strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla liquor
To finish
  • 400g di savoiardi (biscuits)
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 150g digestive
  • 50g almonds
  • fresh mint leaves


1. For the cream whisk the yolks in a saucepan with the honey, add the hot milk and cook up to 85 degrees, move all into the planetary and wisk till cooling. stirring gently with a spatula add the mascarpone cheese and then the whipped cream.

2. Blend 200g of strawberries with sugar, 4 tablespoons of water and vanilla liquor. Keep the other strawberries for the decoration.

3. To finish: melt the chocolate in the microwave and keep it aside in a sac-à-poche, so the temperature is lowered; in the mean time at the bottom of a platter pour the chopped digestives drenched in the strawberries wet, well fattening with a spatula; then add a layer of biscuits (savoiardi) drenched as well, a layer of cream tiramisu and some melted chocolate, end with the cream. Roast almonds at 200° for about 8 minutes, let cool and chop them. Spread the almonds over the top of the cake, decorate with grids of melted chocolate and the strawberries all around.. Let solidify before serving. Add fresh mint leaves.

With this recipe I participate in the contest dof the blog in Gloria's kitchen il-mio-primo-contest-sweet-rock-music ; unlike Gloria, who listens to music while cooking, I cook in complete silence to concentrate, and propose some tracks of my playlist, I listen to go running. 

U2 I've still haven't found what I'm looking for   because I found what I was looking for, but I don't forget when I was looking for.
Simply Red "Say you love me" beacause is poignant and romantic as a few love songs.
Sigur Ròs "Hoppipolla" is part of my Nordic DNA
Phil Collins "Against all odds" because it is the epitome of love songs
Lou Reed "Walk on the wild side"  is the bible of Rock

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