martedì 14 giugno 2011

Fud People (Food-South) in Sorrento

How to call 80 foodbloggers and make them happy!

Emidio and Giorgio's mail of Fud People by Garofalo could not but raise doubts (..."Fud People looking for you for a project that will unveil in Sorrento on 11 and 12 June (and now what happens?, what ever do they want?!?)... concerns that have unfolded immediately on arrival in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, and finally at the presentation of thei project in which we were all involved. First of all affinity for targets aimed at ensure the quality of ingredients and the final product, the search for raw materials in line with a new found need for good and healthy, then the second, as a conditio sine qua non (I know Emidio appreciate!) respect and reporting of small manufacturers , take them to a large portal supported by Nokia that will be released in September and usable by apps. That's our job! Work?!?!?! Neither for them nor for us is so much work because of passion, where however, it goes without saying that a company must make profits to survive, so get out of the common channels of advertising and media, using avan garde methods diversified through projects like this, so much chapeau! The greatest satisfaction has been to think and carry on a foodblogger passion as to find it appreciated and incorporated into a business plan. As Julie expresses her doubt saying "It seems to me like my blog was lost in a cosmic void": Here was the proof that this is "the bloggers" may also be observed and they are asked to collaborate on a business plan attached to the way they develop and communicate love for food. The company we visited was permeated by the manager to all employees of the same sacred fire, we can put in a recipe or post about a particular ingredient. It was the company! This acted as an immediate bond between us and them, on the contrary there never was an us and them in these days. The feeling was clearly that of finding myself at my home in a place that I did not know, hear my language in an elsewhere, the place of ideas, the best engine in the world. Surely here, from a place like this was born the logo FUD PEOPLE, which combines in a pun the idea of food and South.
Thank you so much!

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