mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

angel food cake

Ok I tried! I admit mea culpa! I looked at the stunning results of some blogs including that one of Fausta; about a month ago I spotted the original mold just for Angel and chiffon Cake that comes from America, and I said (yes to him!) in a while you'll be mine (yes 20€ for one aluminum thing...) I turned round between the utensils and recipes, mumble mumble a fixed idea settled at the bottom left corner of my mind, hidden under schedules, deadlines, kids, work, must do sport not to become fat, cook or you'll not be in step, do watering flowers otherwise they'll die like in Tinny's garden (where they however survived!) and anyway the idea was always there: want to try it or not this Angel Cake?!
So yesterday and the day before in connection (almost) direct with Fausta I made my first attempt, which was not so bad but a little too spongy and not 6 feet tall and a half as those running for the network, yes! I have studied and after extensive research and an almost inexhaustible supply of whites in freezer (because of Montersino between pastry and cream I've got a lot!) I found out that the mistake I've done was not to use the organic baking powder and to use a flour too much rich in gluten, whic, Montersino docet, together with whipped whites produces a very sticky sponge-cake, that does not come off the fingers. The flour poor in gluten is the one where the proteins are present for 8-9% (I used Barilla's matching this percentage). Then under the shock of Fausta I remade overnight with the right doses and the needed chemicals, so that even my children have cried:"Mom it's Especial!" why in Spanish then I really don't know, anyway as their opinion to me is above all, that's enough for me. Here are the results and the recipe slavishly taken between Fausta and the video of Montersino (new joint-venture)....  

Angel Cake mold 25cm in diameter x 10
  • 540g whites                                                       
  • 300g caster sugar                                      
  • 7.5g organic baking powder                                                 
  • 225g W flour                                        
  • 225g caster sugar                                     
  • 15g liqueur of your choice                     
  • 3g grated lemon rind
  • 3g salt                       

1. Warm the egg whites with the first sugar (300g) over low heat stirring with a whisk until the temperature of 45°, according to the method of Montersino. Transfer all in planetary and begin to assemble for a stable mass. (it take about 5/7 minutes).

2. In another bowl mix the second sugar (225g) with the organic baking powder, the flour, salt and lemon zest.

3. Gently mix the powders in the assembled whites from bottom to top with delicate but firm movement. Add the liqueur.

4. Distribute the mixture with a sac-à-.poche without greasing the pan and bake at 170° for 45 minutes. Let cool completely, reversing the special mold on the legs.

It just fell off after an hour then it is true that it does not stick!

Serves 10/12 slices.

I have served as a natural .... greedy with melted white and dark chocolate and granulated sugar...

... and with favorite jam...
It remains soft for several days...

The combination here can be a cup of cold milk, or tea. no wine for this post!

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  1. E' meraviglioso questo dolce!!!!piacere di conoscerti!!!!
    Buona vita e buona cucina!!!

  2. Grazie mille che bell'augurio, Buona serata e buona cucina anche a te!!!


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