sabato 4 giugno 2011

greedy cups...for an eco-sustainable contest!!!

I'm happy to accept the invitation of Serena and participate in her non-contest, alas, almost running out, I feel particularly close to: prepare an environmentally sustainable recipe, only with leftovers or self-producted food, in line with an idea of future free from nuclear energy for our children, in line with the philosophy of eating only what you need and use the energy you really cannot do without, waiting to vote yes to say no.  Next week end we go to seaside but then we all go to vote?  Here's my recipe made with leftovers from the preparation of a birthday cake. 

It's so easy to write the ingredeints and the method that seems pretentious for a recipe that is only a combination of leftovers. 
  • crumbled biscuits 
  • strawberry jelly (or simply strawberries with sugar) 
  • whipped cream
  • ground hazelnuts and pistachios
read more for the wine to match

    The method...I have really to write it down?
    Take the glasses and make layers with the ingredients till they are finished, at your will. I have not thrown anything not even a crumb to prepare the cake. And the boys, they are still licking their chops!

    Tip for wine to match by  Gian Luca Zacchia:

    The idea of serving a dessert in a glass with a spoon is original. Surprise those who expected to enjoy an ice cream.  It  displaces too intellectual who gives the glass the sole purpose of hosting the wine. With this we will make a rather sweet combination and two glasses before we have confirmation that the art is in the kitchen and the tecnique is in the bottle. infact the cup that will stand out for color and size will be the dessert and wine will be served in a small tulip-shaped cup. We are tasting a sumptuous dessert that contains  all the sugar of the "good mood". A crescendo. By sponge custard, cream, natural strawberry and gelatin, which are a culmination of flavour in the chopped dried fruits. There is a wine in our area that combines very well with this dessert. The Frascati Cannellino. I have chosen for quality of matching and also to honor the historic entry into the D.O.C.G. announced at the Christmas in Rome on last April 21. There are several wine producers but the grapes are always created mostly with grapes Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia from Lazio and Trebbiano. With about 15 Euros you buy the Frascati Poggio Cannellino di Poggio Le Volpi. 12 percent alcohol for a sweet white soft taste and elegance. The notes of candied fruit and citrus. About 10 Euro are required by the producer  Casale Mattia with Bombino and Bello grapes. The first of probable Spanish origin, the latter definitely Roman.

    With this recipe I participate in the non-contest of Serena

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