giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

pastry cream (by Luca Montersino)

For the pastry cream (of Montersino)
When I tried it the first time I did not want to believe as absolute an ease never turn if you want to look at the video on youtube is amazing:
I have reduced the doses of 1 / 4:

doses used :                                                    starting doses of Montersino

whole milk 200g                                               800 g
fresh cream 200g                                             200 g
75g egg yolk.                                                   300g
75g. sugar                                                       300g
10g corn flour                                                   35g
10g rice starc                                                   35g
h 1 / 2 vanilla bean bourbon

1. Heat milk and cream.
2. Slit the vanilla bean, seeds go in the sugar, the berry in the milk whikle warming.
3. Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla until a foam (incorporating the air, the egg will float on the milk).
4. Put eggs mounted cornstarch and starch of rice, stirring with a spatula.

add cornstarch and starch of rice

5. Remove the vanilla bean from milk and add the egg-sugar-mounted starch in milk about to boil. The egg remains on the surface: DO NOT TURN THE CREAM! I have to turn 4 seconds when the milk comes above the egg in the sides aand in the center  making small volcanoes , as in this picture.

milk volcanoes

ready pastry cream


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