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pastry cream (recipe of Luca Montersino)

For the pastry cream (Montersino's recipe)

When I tried it the first time I did not want to believe as absolute an ease never turn if you want to look at video on youtube is amazing:

I have reduced the doses of 1 / 4:

                                                           doses given by Montersino
  • 200g whole milk                                    800g
  • 50g fresh cream                                     200g
  • 75g egg yolk                                          300g
  • 75g sugar                                               300g 
  • 10g cornstarch                                        35g
  • 10g rice starch                                        35g
  • 1/2 bourbon vanilla bean
For the method I refer you to the accurate  Video of Montersino, stressing that his doses are used for a very large amount of cream.

add cornstarch and rice starch

1. Heat the milk with the cream.
2. Slit the vanilla pod: the seeds go in the sugar, and  the berry in the milk while warming.
3. Beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla seeds until a froth(incorporating the air the egg will float on the milk).
4. Pour the cornstarch and rice starch into the eggs mounted and stir gently with a spatula.
5. Remove the vanilla pod from the milk and add the egg-sugar-mounted in milk, that is about to boil. The egg remains suspended: DO NOT TURN THE CREAM! I have to turn when the milk goes over the eggs and forms small volcanoes in the sides and in the center just a few seconds, as in this photo.

Custard - milk volcanoes

Ready Custard


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