lunedì 21 marzo 2011

the (real) charge of the bloggers

Caris proposed this funny contest sotto il vestito blogger (under the dress blogger) answering to the article "the charge of the bloggers" appeared in an italian newspaper affaritaliani libero; the journalist provides her article with pictures of women cooking in bra and panties, with evening necklaces or even in a bikini.

To assist the journalist, who was surely running out of realistic pictures, Caris asked us, for the record, to post our pictures while we're cooking; since for whisking and baking we already wear the apron, the overall (good heavens!) and the "ciocie" (ie in Rome it means sandals, slippers). It's true without them I can't neither cook nor whip the cream. Here is my  uniform ... pass me the black apron with the white stripes, that helps the figure and hides the chocolate stains . There's neither trace of  bikini nor of panties, so please stop with these representations, which are very offensive as well as far removed from reality. When a woman's job is talked about,  she is immediately stripped, in a little while even women doctor will appear in bikini and panties in the several TV and newspapers... 

So, reading among several blogs about this contest, the comments and the pictures, I've reached a conclusion: the real charge of foodbloggers is here.


Thanks Sonia, who dedicates to me this sweet award!


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