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chocolate biscuits with cocoa beans (paul.a.young recipe)

Se tu fossi una ricetta

With this recipe I take part to the contest julskitchen-se-tu-fossi-una-ricetta. (if you were a recipe, which recipe would you be?)
So if I was a recipe, I would ... I would be some chocolate biscuits. But not any chocolate biscuits, it's not accident that I've chosen a paul.a.young's recipe, one of the most famous chocolatier in the world.


I would be these biscuits because I do very like chocolate in all its forms and creations. It's that taste, among different sweet things, that I even unconsciously seek, when I need something sweet to eat; and it satisfies me even in small quantity.
 At a second step, because these biscuits can also seem irregular, crisp and not properly appetizing; but at the second bite (not the first one, it's true, I've asked to my favourite tasters, my sons and my husband) you can really appreciate all the different flavours, the cocoa beans,  the dark chocolate, the butter, the vanilla and even the salt. They are infact similar to me, at a first sight I can't even be immediately "appetizing" to other people, then at a second level of knowledge (at the "second" bite!)  something happens, people and I become curious one each other, shyness (mine! ) disappears and we enjoy the other good aspects of my character: generosity, empathy and affection. Oh my god! it seems a coach session! So here you find the recipe.

Paul.a.young, created his version of chocolate biscuits, adding pure cocoa beans and then dipping them into melted chocolate to redouble the flavour. They are irresistible! Lock them in a box (he warns), my biscuits couldn't arrive in theirs. You can't resist temptation.  They are also simple to do.

Ingredients for about 20 biscuits

  • 225 g butter
  • 150 g brown sugar 
  • 250 g white flour
  • 100 g cocoa powder
  • 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1 medium egg
  • 50-100 g cocoa beans
  • 300 g di dark chocolate from Venezuela or dark chocolate with strong flavour (I used Ecuador chocolate at 70 %
  • a pinch of salt *



    Prehot oven at 180° 
    1. In a bowl put the butter, sugar and a pinch of salt; melt completely on low flame.

    2. Take the mixture out of flame and add flour and cocoa sieved together, the seeds of vanilla bean and the egg mix finely. Add the cocoa beans and make it cool for 5 minutes.

    3. Spoon the biscuit mixture on the cookie sheet leaving 7,5 cm space between one biscuit and the other. Bake for about 10 minutes. Cool them. 


    4. Chop the dark chocolate and melt it  suspended over a pan of simmering water,  or in the microwave (then TEMPERING 
    chocolate : bring it to 55° then work it with a spatula and cool till the temp. 27/28° and then warm it again till 31/32°). Now dip the biscuits for a half into temperate chocolate and put them on the cookie sheet to solidify.

    Preserve them in a box, or serve immediately.

    *The salt balances the sugar contained in the chocolate. (paul.a.young)

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    1. I am now following your blog also and love it. Thank you for following mine. If I were a recipe I would be a chocolate torte. I love chocolate also!

    2. Thank you Mari so much: yours is the very first English trace here. I'm translating my italian blog, that links here for English speaking. I hope you come here again we have a common language: CHOCOLATE! Bye.


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